1906: Heinrich Jünger establishes his own company on April 24.

1908: The daughter of Heinrich Jünger and the later general partner of the company is born on August 3.

1925: The “Co.” Carl Naust leaves the company in the middle of the year, which is still named as Hch. Jünger & Co.

1933: On 7 May, this year, Klaus Franke, the grandson of the founder of the company is born.

1938: The second grandson, Hartmut Franke, is born on February 2.

1950: JÜNGER presses the first tank heads for its own use.

1954: Klaus and Hartmut Franke enter the company.

1957: The founder of the company, Heinrich Jünger, dies.

1966: First heads are produced for other companies.

1970: JÜNGER builds vehicle tanks from stainless steel.

1974: The plant Rosbach has to be closed down because of poor financial position.

1984: Changeover of production to stainless steel and aluminium heads.

1989: 40th company anniversary of the foreman Alois Ivacic. His son Roger Ivacic enters the company.

1991: Anja and Timo Franke enter the company on July 08.

1993: Sudden death of the managing director Klaus Franke on December 01, 1993.

1995: Shifting of office to Eiserfelder Straße 28.

1997: Introduction of plasma welding technology in the production sequence at JÜNGER.

2000: Expansion of processing of aluminium materials.

2004: Hartmut Franke retires from active business, but continues to work as consultant for the company.

2005: Investment in heat treatment and welding technology for aluminium.

2006: JÜNGER celebrates its 100th anniversary.