Hemispherical heads



r1 = 0,5 * Di
Di = da 2 * s
da = Da = D
h1 = according to possibly
h2 = r1
h3 = h1 + h2
H = h3 + s

(r1: Dish radius | da: Outer diameter | di = inner head diameter | h1: straight flange height | h2: Depth of dishing | h3: total internal head height | s: Wall thickness)


The tolerances for height, radius and wall thickness require a prior agreement.

Production possibilities

Hemispheres are produced from a hemispherical head and segments.
Please ask for dimensional ranges individually.

Machining / technical possibilities

  • Centre holes
  • Inner/outer grinding
  • Edge processing according to your specification
  • Pickling

Further machining desired can be checked with technical sales.